Fiji Natural Artesian Water Case

On a remote pacific islands , 1,600 miles from the nearest continent, equatorial trade winds purify the clouds that begin fiji water journey through one of the world’s last virgin ecosystems. As tropical rain falls on a pristine rain forest, it filters through layers of volcanic rock. Fiji Natural Artesian water collects in a natural artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface, shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock. Natural pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact until you unscrew the cap. Untouched by man.

NESCAFE Gold Instant Premix Coffee Dark Latte

Because taste is what matters most, NESCAFE Gold Instant Premix Coffee Dark Latte is made with the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, coupled with the right balance of sweetness and creaminess, that make it a deliciously refreshing drink you can enjoy any time, anywhere. But don’t just take our word for it. Try one today. Served it chilled coffee anytime anywhere and you will feel refreshed all day!

DirectWholesale Is Revolutionizing The Singapore Wholesale Market

DirectWholesale website is a one-stop destination where you can explore and buy quality fmcg products at the best prices and get quick and hassle-free doorstep delivery.

If you are looking for the best online wholesaler in Singapore, DirectWholesale is the name that you can trust. We simplify the shopping experiences for bulk buyers in the country by providing them access to the world’s leading brands, all at a click of the finger. Our website showcases a wide range of products including:

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Food Products

Explore the best branded food products online at DirectWholesale, the renowned online food supplier in Singapore that delivers world’s favorite brands right at your doorstep.

Shop a complete variety in wholesale food in Singapore, including soups, desserts, canned foods, ready-to-eat, rice, spreads, instant foods, and more, all at a single destination and best prices.


As a leading beverage distributor Singapore, DirectWholesale caters all the best brands in beverages for online bulk buyers in the country. We offer brands like Yeo’s, Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew and evian water wholesale at best prices. Our website is a one-stop destination for wholesalers looking for online delivery of beverages in Singapore.



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DirectWholesale – Wholesale Food Suppliers in Singapore

DirectWholesale, Singapore’s leading online Wholesale Food Suppliers, is a trusted one-stop destination for wholesale dealing in FMCG products in the country. We offer all the leading brands of food, beverages, baby care, organic and health and beauty products at bulk prices so that the wholesalers across the country can shop in a simple, hassle-free manner.
At DirectWholesale, we are a renowned online grocery shopping website in Singapore. We cater a large number of trusted brands in FMCG products, including food and beverages Wholesale, health and beauty, baby care and organic process. Our website provides a digital platform for bulk buyers who want to experience the ease of online shopping for the products they sell.

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